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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

China Forgoes Veto Power at New Bank to Win Key European Nations’ Support

China Forgoes Veto Power at New Bank to Win Key European Nations’ Support

U.S. is concerned new bank would be an instrument of Beijing’s foreign policy

 Jin Liqun, picked by Beijing to set up the bank, has been lining up retired World Bank staffers to work out governance issues.

Jin Liqun, picked by Beijing to set up the bank, has been lining up retired World Bank staffers to work out governance issues. Photo: European Pressphoto Agency
China has offered to forgo veto power at a new Beijing-led development bank, in a proposal that helped attract European countries to break with Washington and line up as founding members.
Chinese negotiators presented the no-veto position to some of the U.S.’s staunchest allies in Europe in the past few weeks, according to officials from China and Europe involved in negotiations to set up the bank. The offer proved critical in getting the U.K., France, Germany and Italy to join Beijing’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, these people said.
In proposing that no single country dictate decision-making at the new bank, Beijing is making a sharp departure from the long-standing practice at U.S.-backed international lenders such as the International Monetary Fund. The U.S. has a lock on some big decisions at the IMF despite holding less than 20% of its voting shares, a structure that has drawn complaints from the rest of the world.
Negotiations are still taking place over how the bank will be run and how its board will be structured. Beijing still is likely to have the upper hand, even without veto power, over major decisions, said people involved in the discussions. That is likely to fuel concerns—expressed by the U.S., India and others—that the bank will ultimately be a tool of Chinese foreign policy.
The progress China has made so far marks a rare victory for Beijing on the world stage, officials from both inside and outside China said, and the careful planning by Beijing is making the new bank a more serious challenge to U.S. dominance of the international economic system in place since the end of World War II.
“China is playing the long game effectively,” said Cornell University economist Eswar Prasad, a former senior China official at the IMF. “They are in absolutely no rush. They know other countries will come to them.”
Beyond giving up a veto, Beijing is also trying to address concerns from the U.S. and elsewhere about the institution’s transparency and governance.
Jin Liqun, a Chinese official picked by Beijing to set up the bank, has been lining up retired World Bank staffers in Washington to help them work out governance issues and to build up the new bank’s credibility with Western countries. One of his first recruits is Natalie Lichtenstein, a former World Bank lawyer. Ms. Lichtenstein declined to comment on her role at the new China-led bank.
Mr. Jin, interim chief of the new bank, said over the weekend that more than 35 countries will join as the bank’s founding members by the end of this month. South Korea and Australia, U.S. allies in the Asia-Pacific region, are expected to come on board by then, according to Chinese officials involved in the effort.
The Obama administration, with little leverage over the Chinese-led bank, is now proposing that the new entity cooperate in joint projects with Washington-backed institutions such as the World Bank, which use U.S.-approved rules.
“We will continue to engage with China and other countries to encourage the new institution to meet the high standards of the existing multilateral financial institutions,” Treasury Deputy Assistant Secretary Alexia Latortue said.
The new bank is on track to reach its target of $100 billion in registered capital, up from the $50 billion initially announced and that China is providing, according to Chinese and Western officials.
Japan, meanwhile, has maintained a cautious stance about taking part in the bank right away, Japanese officials said, though Tokyo hasn’t ruled out the possibility.
Beijing’s painstaking planning underscores the stakes for Chinese leaders as they try to chart a bigger role for China in world affairs. Just as the World Bank and the IMF has carried Washington’s influence to far-flung regions in the past six decades, the new bank has the prospect of doing the same for Beijing, according to Chinese and Western officials.
President Xi Jinping proposed the new bank in late 2013 to finance infrastructure projects in Asia, where need far outstrips funds provided by the IMF, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. Beijing estimates that between now and 2020 about $730 billion would be needed annually to fund infrastructure spending in Asia.
Over the past year, however, the U.S. has urged its allies not to sign up for the bank, saying it would be an instrument of Beijing’s foreign policy and that without proper governing rules it could contribute to debt and corruption in borrowing nations.
China has whittled away at the U.S. arguments by convincing Washington’s allies that it is serious about meeting global standards for development banks and giving Western firms the opportunity to get involved in new infrastructure projects, according to the Chinese and Western officials.
“China won’t bully other members but will work together with them to reach consensus in all the decisions we make,” said Mr. Jin, the Chinese official setting up the bank, at a gathering of international business and political leaders on Sunday. “China won’t brandish its majority shareholder status,” he said.
At the same time, the Obama administration has been unable to get Congress to pass additional funding for the IMF, leaving on hold a revision of voting rights that would give China and other emerging economies more of a say in decision-making. The lack of progress by the U.S. over the IMF has given China an opening to recruit members to its new bank, development experts said. “We have made a complete and total hash of this,” said Ted Truman, a former Obama Treasury official who is now a scholar at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.
Putting together a governance structure absent a veto helps China, people involved in discussions with Beijing said, because it blunts criticism that the bank would be a Chinese preserve used to funnel construction contracts to firms battered by the real-estate downturn within China.
“It’s a smart play to encourage other major economies to join,” said David Dollar, the U.S. Treasury’s former representative in Beijing, who is now a scholar at the Brookings Institution in Washington.
The next formal meeting of chief negotiators is set for the end of this month in Kazakhstan. Beijing hopes to put together the Articles of Agreement—the basic rules governing the bank—by the end of June and to get the bank up and running by the end of this year.
Chief among the unresolved issues is how the voting shares will be split among the bank’s founding members. One option is for the bank’s 27 or so Asian members to have 75% of the voting shares, with the right of each of those members potentially depending on the size of its gross domestic product. The remaining 25% of the voting shares would then go to non-Asian members, according to those individuals.
With such a split and voting shares potentially awarded according to GDP, Beijing could round up a majority vote without much difficulty, one of the individuals said.
Another pending issue is how to structure the board of directors at the new bank. In the World Bank and the IMF, countries are represented by resident directors who are actively involved in the institutions and vote on new projects, programs and policies. Those representatives act as a check on management. The U.S. has been pushing the Chinese to adopt the same structure, according to those involved in the discussions, but Beijing is resisting. Instead, it wants the bank’s management, which will likely mean Chinese officials, to have a more powerful position.
“I can understand why [the U.S.] or other advanced countries prefer the resident board in this case,” said Mr. Truman, the former Treasury official. “We do not trust the likely management.”
Other development experts say resident boards are anachronistic and slow down decision-making. The World Bank is starting a “a fundamental review” of how its governed, said Scott Morris, a former Obama Treasury official who is now a researcher at the Center for Global Development, a Washington think tank.
“To say that [the new Asian bank] should aim for the ‘highest standards’ or ‘best practices’ is kind of an empty target,” he said in an email response.

—Tatsuo Ito in Tokyo
contributed to this article.

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US allies jump ship to join new Chinese-led infrastructure bank

US allies jump ship to join new Chinese-led infrastructure bank

Australian prime minister Tony Abbott, left, with US secretary of state John Kerry in Indonesia, October 2013 (US Department of State/Wikimedia Commons)

23 March 2015 | By Rod Sweet

Australia looks set to become the latest ally of the US to ignore its wishes and join a new, Chinese-led infrastructure bank that could rival the American-controlled World Bank and spark a wave of new building projects in Asia.
Cabinet approval was expected today after the country’s National Security Committee cleared the way for Australia to become a founding member of the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and invest up to AUS$3bn in it, Fairfax Media reported.
The news follows 10 days of diplomatic flurry set off by the shock announcement by the UK on 12 March that it would become the first major Western country to apply to join the AIIB, which was established in October 2014 by China and 20 other initial country members.
The UK’s move appeared to take the US by surprise and drew an irritable response, according to the Financial Times newspaper, which quoted an unnamed senior US administration official as complaining about a lack of consultation with the US and also of “constant accommodation” of China.
Since then, in quick succession, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Switzerland have applied to join the AIIB ahead of the 31 March deadline. Other US allies who stayed away from the 2014 signing ceremony, including Indonesia and New Zealand, have already applied.
The US expressed concern about the AIIB on the grounds that it may not have the same standards as the World Bank and affiliated regional lenders such as the Asian Development Bank, which the US to a large extent controls. But observers believe the real reason for American resistance is that the AIIB will be a vehicle for China’s influence in the region. If true, it is a stance that appears to have left the US isolated.
“Objecting to the establishment of such a bank because of China’s leading role in it seemed petulant,” writes Kerry Brown, professor of Chinese politics at the University of Sydney, in a blog for the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs (Chatham House). He argues that the US must allow a greater role for China – the world’s second-biggest economy – in bodies like the World Bank and the IMF. “If the US cannot expand its horizons in this most politically manageable of spaces, then what hope is there over other issues? Its exceptionalist mindset was too blatant this time.”
Praising Australia’s expected application to the AIIB, Ross Buckley, professor of international finance law at the University of New South Wales, said that getting involved would be good for Australian business. “More investment in infrastructure in East Asia is wonderful news for Australian engineers, architects, investment bankers and lawyers,” he wrote today in Australia’s The Age newspaper. “We still tend to think about commodities exports but our future lies in services exports. Opportunities on AIIB projects will go to its member nations, as is the way of these things.”
His only regret was that Australia did not sign up sooner: “It would have been far better for us to accept the initial invitation some six months ago and be seen as a leader in this regard rather than a somewhat embarrassed follower.”
After the UK’s announcement on joining the AIIB, Fairfax Media reported that the Australian cabinet was split over the issue of joining, with prime minister Tony Abbott (pictured) and foreign minister Julie Bishop holding to the US line on standards.
Photograph: Australian prime minister Tony Abbott, left, with US secretary of state John Kerry in Indonesia, October 2013 (US Department of State/Wikimedia Commons)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Benjamin Fulford - March 23rd, 2015: Khazarian Satanists shake their fists in fury as control of the financial system slips out of their hands

Benjamin Fulford - March 23rd, 2015: Khazarian Satanists shake their fists in fury as control of the financial system slips out of their hands

There has been an undeniable pole shift in the international financial system that has left the old Khazarian Satanist cabal out of the loop. This change was formalized, as predicted, on March 20th, to coincide with the solar eclipse, super-moon new moon and Spring Equinox that took place then [and a shift in the Schumann Resonance to 16.32hz, along with a massive fish die off along the along the eastern coast of the U.S. after a series of mysterious explosions on the 16th]. After the UK split with the US to join China’s proposed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Australia and others followed. Then, according to Pentagon sources, the corporate US corporate government in Washington D.C. failed to make a gold delivery and effectively went bankrupt. As a result, the US Republic announced they would work with the AIIB. In effect this means that the BIS, the World Bank and the IMF have all undergone a fundamental change of management.

RE: Lagarde says IMF to co-operate with China-led AIIB bank

“If I had to choose only two words that unite China and the world at this moment, it would be ‘structural reforms,’” was how IMF head Christine Lagarde described the situation. Speaking in Beijing on March 22nd Lagarde said the IMF and China would work together to promote “good governance…anti-corruption” and “preserving the environment.” She concluded her remarks by saying “the IMF is proud to be a partner in China’s economic endeavors here at home [in China] and on the global stage.” In other words, she was admitting, in public, that this once Washington controlled institution was under new management.

What will happen nowis that negotiations on the creation of new institutions and the reform of old ones will continue over the coming months. In this context, the Western countries and Japan need to do a lot more than just put the old cabal structures like the IMF and World Bank under new management. The world financial system and economic structure is facing a crisis that cannot be cured simply by restoring “primary balance” (i.e. not adding more debt than you already have), and jacking up the stock market.

The solution will have to involve a return to government money (such as China has), a write-off of debt and a redistribution of assets. As mentioned before, the West also needs to replace debt based “development banks” with asset based future planning agencies.

While the Chinese proposal for an Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is a good one that got well deserved support, it is also only $50 billion. The world can easily come up with $7 trillion a year for development if a meritocratically staffed future planning agency is set up. There is a lot of support for this idea and the time is ripe to make it happen.

There is also going to be the need for some sort of world federation. We all share the same oceans, breathe the same air and live on the same fragile planet. We cannot continue with global anarchy and gangster controlled governments.

As my father’s generation of Canadian politicians and diplomats argued, together with leaders of other countries not then controlled by the cabal, we need to solve international problems through court cases and negotiations not through war and resource theft. That means creating a world community of village elders to ensure mutual problems are solved in a win-win manner. This is not the same thing as a fascist New World Order global slave camp as planned by the cabal. It would be a very loose and mutually supportive structure with each region enjoying all of its traditional freedom and independence. There has already been a secret agreement reached that there would always be a 50/50 balance of power between East and West in this new system.

Sources at the Pentagon would also like to remind the Chinese that Russia, India, Japan, the United States and many other countries would band together at any sign of Chinese hegemonism or bullying.

The Chinese know this and repeat often that they only want their fair share at the world’s table, which they have been denied throughout the 20th century.

There thus appears to be no fundamental obstacle now to the creation of a post-Khazarian age of world peace and prosperity. Humanity is about to be freed from thousands of years of slavery by the human herding, Satan worshipping inbred Hyksos (Khazarian) families. The Jews, who have forced to undergo ritual castration (circumcision) for thousands of years as a symbol of their slave status, are about to be set free.

The Khazarian Satan worshipping cabal families, who used to control the world’s financial system, are not taking this lying down. Multiple sources say there will be a concerted attempt to start World War 3 during the Jewish festival of Passover that takes place between April 3 and April 11th this year. Already an “attempt by Rothschild to start a nuclear war with Russia,” has been stopped, according to Pentagon sources. A total of six nuclear weapons were prevented from being fired, the sources say.

However, not all the provocations will be stopped. As this report went to press, e-mails from the Pentagon revealed that four Norwegian fighter planes had been shot down, allegedly by the Russians. No matter what happens though, the Russians, Chinese, the Pentagon and other major world armed forces are not going to be provoked into starting a World War. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, no matter how hard these religious fanatic try.

There will also be many attempts to scare the Jews and other peoples into submission. In the Khazarian controlled press we are seeing many signs of this. One is a warning that “European Jews” will be attacked. These attacks will not be by “Muslim fundamentalists,” but by Khazarian hired thugs angry that their European Jewish slaves are becoming disobedient.

The death threats against US ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy were also part of the Khazarian campaign to block the establishment of a non-Khazarian controlled financial system. Michelle Obama was in Japan on March 20th just as the UK’s Prince Charles was in Washington. It is a pretty good guess she was brought here as a hostage to ensure Charles’ safety as he signed treaty documents in Washington.

There is also going to be a need for extreme caution over the coming days in the old Khazarian homeland of Ukraine and in Russia. The most worrying development appears to be the replacement of Russian President Vladimir Putin with another man. In fact, Russian FSB sources told this writer that this latest Putin was actually the third Putin so far. If you scroll down to the middle of the article at this link

you can see three photographs of “Putin.” In each case the ear is clearly different, showing it is not the same man. We can only hope that either Putin is using look-alikes for safety purposes at public events or that these are just computer graphic disinformation. However, the Russian sources say these Putins are all controlled by secret handlers working towards an unknown agenda. Nonetheless, the Russian sources reassure us that the Russian armed forces, though they will fiercely defend their motherland, will never be fooled into starting a world war.

It is also worth noting that US President Barack Obama has made it public that he does not believe Israel’s Benyamin Netanyahu wants peace with the Palestinians. This means Israel will lose the support of the United States, and thus cease to be a viable state, unless a peace deal is reached and reached soon. After 50 years of lying about their wish for peace, nobody believes the Israelis any more. The Israelis also need to stop believing their Khazarian controllers’ propaganda that the whole world is out to get them. This is simply a criminal case involving high level gangsters who are not even Jewish but actually worship Ba’al, Set or what we call Satan.

The other thing the Israelis and Jews need to learn is that there is no such thing as a Goyim. God does not choose a people, we are all God’s children. The only people who chose you were Satan worshipping ancient inbred human slave herding families. You are about to be set free, you have nothing to fear. The world is here to help you, not to hurt you. Your long, long nightmare is about to end.


Putin appears in public after week of MSM hysteria - ‘It’s boring without rumors’

UK snubs US to join China-led Asian bank

EU Joins BRICS in Defiance of U.S. | France & Germany to join China-led $50bn infrastructure bank, along with Italy

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

Putin To Nationalize Rothschild Central Bank - March 17th 2015

These key events happening right now indicate another financial crisis on the way | US Economic Data Is Having Its Worst Year Since At Least 2000

China's Congress Charts a New Path for the World | China, Japan and South Korea Hold High Level Meeting

Vladimir Putin Proposes "Eurasian" Currency Union

Lagarde says IMF to co-operate with China-led AIIB bank


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Free Energy Revealed

Free Energy Revealed


We can confirm that the Fix the World Team has produced a working overunity device, called Quantum Energy Generator (QEG). Yes, it works:
You can read more about the QEG here:

And download detailed plans how to create a working QEG unit here:

It would be good that QEG open sourced manual goes viral and that as many QEG units are constructed independently as soon as possible. So if you want to have an overunity device, do not wait for mass production to bring it to you, start building your unit now:

Fix the World Team is searching for capable individuals or groups that can bring QEG units to the people worldwide on all scales, from small mechanical workshops to large production facilities. People with such capabilities can contact the Fix the World Team here:

You can also support the Fix the World Team by helping them bringing free energy to the word:

The Light Forces have requested that as many Event Support Groups as possible begin constructing their own QEG units as soon as possible. These Event Support Groups will then serve as transformation nodes that will help the planetary transition into the new overunity society.

QEG is not the only overunity device that will be released. There are many more projects being prepared behind the scenes and production and distribution networks on all levels organized, from garage mechanical workshops to global enterprises. If you have large scale production or distribution capabilities, contact and we may include you in one of our projects.

Let there be Light!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Dr Judy Wood : Evidence of breakthrough energy technology on 9/11

Dr Judy Wood : Evidence of breakthrough energy technology on 9/11


Published on Aug 21, 2013

Dr Judy Wood at the Breakthrough energy Movement conference,2012 Holland

Title: The dawn of a new age, evidence of breakthrough energy technology on 9/11

Run time : 2.24.57
Speaker : Dr Judy Wood
Price : Free

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For many years, we have heard that a "free-energy1 device is just around the corner," but it never seems to come to fruition. Nikola Tesla wanted to give free energy to the world nearly 100 years ago but was afraid it would fall into the wrong hands and be used for destructive purposes. Well, that is no longer just a risk; it has already happened. However, until we understand just how powerful this technology is as well as how powerful the interests are that control it, we won't see it in general use. We first need to respect what this technology can do, otherwise it would be like leaving a gun cabinet unlocked around children who do not know what guns can do. We also need the world to see what this technology has done. This technology was used to destroy the World Trade Center complex on 9/11/01 and was a demonstration of a new kind of free-energy technology in front of the entire world. As more people around the world recognize this, the less power the controlling interests will have. And if the entire world knows that free-energy technology exists, individuals can openly build their own devices and share their designs with others. It won't be a secret!

Dr. Judy D. Wood is a former professor of mechanical engineering with research interests in experimental stress analysis, structural mechanics, optical methods, deformation analysis, and the materials characterization of biomaterials and composite materials. She is a member of the Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM), co-founded SEM's Biological Systems and Materials Division, and has served on the SEM Composite Materials Technical Division. Dr. Wood received her B.S. (Civil Engineering, 1981) (Structural Engineering), M.S. Engineering Mechanics (Applied Physics, 1983), and Ph.D. (Materials Engineering Science, 1992).

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The Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (GlobalBEM) is a non-profit volunteer-powered organization dedicated to educating & activating the public about breakthrough energy technologies which are clean, sustainable and world changing.

Disclaimer : We are all, in a sense, investigators of our world. And while we, as individuals or as Globalbem, may not agree with everything presented on this video, we fully support freedom of thought and speech as well as the Quest for truth.

We are a non-profit organization of volunteers and thus each member or any other person involved in any way, has to take responsibility for their own statements, acts and beliefs.

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Ralph and Marsha Ring : Anti-gravity and conscious awareness in aether technology

Ralph and Marsha Ring : Anti-gravity and conscious awareness in aether technology


Published on Sep 16, 2013

Ralph and Marsha Ring at the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference, 2012 Holland

Title: Anti-gravity and conscious awareness in aether technology

Run time: 1.44.57 min
Speaker: Ralph and Marsha Ring
Produced by: Globalbem
Country of origin: Holland
Language: English

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Empty space is not empty at all! The vacuum is actually a plenum. It contains an abundant amount of energy, the zero point energy. There is a cosmic dance of energy back and forth between the physical realm and the zero point field, a constant creation and destruction of matter from the void. The continuous flow of energy in and out of the material world resembles what Eastern Hindu cosmology described as the cosmic dance of Shiva. Could it be that what scientists are observing as the zero point energy is in fact our own collective consciousness and that we are creating the physical world from this energy? If consciousness is indeed the first cause of physical reality and not the effect, at least we have identified a candidate for the required spiritual energy! Ancient science has been secretly preserved throughout history and is now being reconstructed by modern science. This ancient knowledge is called sacred geometry and for some reason it was very important to be preserved for future generations. In antiquity it was taught in the mystery schools of the Egyptians and the Greeks. On penalty of death, initiates had to keep this knowledge secret throughout history. In the West this knowledge was preserved in Gnostic circles and secret societies of Knights Templars and Freemasonry. The science of sacred geometry claims that everything in our universe has an underlying invisible geometric structure following a fundamental principle. Contemporary scientists now use sacred geometry to explain how physical reality is constructed from the omni present and all-pervasive background energy of the physical vacuum.


Ralph had an ongoing interest and participation in areas of Esoteric & Aether Knowledge and Technologies. After leaving the US Army in 1954, he began an ongoing search for answers to many questions concerning the Unknown. In brief, he worked for a US Government funded research facility in the areas of Magnetic's, Levitation and Teleportation. His search eventually led him to the Realities and participations of Teleportation and Esoteric Consciousness.
Ralph is a Natural Scientist and a Creative Technician who in the late 50's and early 1960's worked together with Otis T. Carr (A Prodigy of Nikola Tesla) and a team of dedicated Scientists on Alternative Technologies, one of which was Teleportation . He was One of three to pilot a Man Made Spaceship, the OTC-X1. His Dream since birth has and is to produce Levitating Homes, Cities and Countries. He and his Spiritual partner and wife, Marsha talk on Expanding Consciousness and Natural Law which enables people to see the Simplicities of All things there-by bringing their dreams closer to Reality.

In 2005 Ralph Ring requested Marsha to be his colleague and assist him on his lecture tours. In 2007 Ralph and Marsha joined their lives together, at which time they became a team, speaking together on interviews and lectures, enjoying the meeting of people and helping them to remember who and what they were created to be.

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The Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (GlobalBEM) is a non-profit volunteer-powered organization dedicated to educating & activating the public about breakthrough energy technologies which are clean, sustainable and world changing

Disclaimer : We are all, in a sense, investigators of our world. And while we, as individuals or as Globalbem, may not agree with everything presented on this video, we fully support freedom of thought and speech as well as the Quest for truth.

We are a non-profit organization of volunteers and thus each member or any other person involved in any way, have to take responsibility for their own statements, acts and beliefs.

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Help us caption & translate this video!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wayne Dyer Ambition to Meaning The Shift

Wayne Dyer Ambition to Meaning The Shift

stefan emanuel

About The Shift


The Shift


From the creators of You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie comes a compelling portrait of three modern lives in need of new direction and new meaning. In his first-ever movie (written by Kristen Lazarian and directed by Michael Goorjian), Wayne Dyer explores the spiritual journey in the second half of life when we long to find the purpose that is our unique contribution to the world. The powerful shift from the ego constructs we are taught early in life by parents and society—which promote an emphasis on achievement and accumulation—are shown in contrast to a life of meaning, focused on serving and giving back.

Filmed on coastal California’s spectacular Monterey Peninsula, The Shift captures every person’s mid-life longing for a more purposeful, soul-directed life.
“Thoroughly unprepared, we take the step into the afternoon of life. Worse still, we take this step with the false presupposition that our truths and our ideals will serve us as hitherto. But we cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning, for what was great in the morning will be little at evening and what in the morning was true, at evening will have become a lie.” - Carl Gustav Jung
The Shift explores the intertwined lives of an overachieving businessman (played by Edward Kerr), a mother of two young children seeking her own expression in the world (Shannon Sturges), and a film director trying to make a name for himself (Michael DeLuise). Also starring Portia de Rossi. The Shift not only inspires, but also teaches us how to find the path to our spiritual purpose and therefore our greatest joy.

“I am 68 years old and I have a new career,” Dyer explained. “When I was asked to do this film, I didn’t think ‘I’m too old to do something I’ve never done before.’ I thought ‘I am open to everything. I am willing to change and to learn.’ I’m more proud of this film than of anything I’ve ever done before.”

Wayne Dyer appears in the film as himself. Special appearance by Louise L. Hay.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Philosophy of Liberty

The Philosophy of Liberty


Uploaded on Dec 3, 2006
When you hear Ron Paul say that he stands for the Philosophy of Liberty, this is what he means.

The philosophy of liberty is based on self-ownership. This simple but elegant and hard-hitting animation will explain exactly what that means. It's a great tool anyone can use to educate children and adults about our right to life, liberty, and the property we create - and our responsibility to think, speak and act.

For more info and/or to download a free DVD version of this video, see:



AUTHOR: Ken Schoolland
PRODUCER: Kerry Pearson (aka Lux Lucre)
MUSIC: Music2Hues 'Betrayal'
SUPPORT: The Jonathan Gullible fund

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Ultimate Gift (Full Movie)

The Ultimate Gift (Full Movie)


Jason thought his inheritance was going to be the gift of money and lots of it. Was he ever in for a big surprise. Based on the best-selling book "The Ultimate Gift" by Jim Stovall, the story sends trust fund baby Jason Stevens on an improbable journey of discovery, having to answer the ultimate question: "What is the relationship between wealth and happiness?" Jason had a very simple relationship with his impossibly wealthy Grandfather, Howard "Red" Stevens. He hated him. No heart-to-heart talks, no warm fuzzies, just cold hard cash. So of course he figured that when Red died, the whole "reading of the will" thing would be another simple cash transaction, that his Grandfather's money would allow him to continue living in the lifestyle to which he had become accustomed. But what Red left him was anything but simple. Red instead devised a plan for Jason to experience a crash course on life. Twelve tasks, which Red calls "gifts," each challenging Jason in an improbable way, the accumulation of which would change him forever. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Deta Elis – Star Trek Medicine – Bioresonance

Deta Elis – Star Trek Medicine – Bioresonance

Thought doctor McCoy had it good with his equipment on the Starship Enterprise? Wait until you get a load of what is coming to revolutionize the world of medicine. Medicine just got exciting thanks to Russian scientists and over 17 years of in-depth research. The future has arrived and just as three-dimensional printing will revolutionize manufacturing, this technology will revolutionize the practice of medicine.

This groundbreaking medical technology is making many people a lot of money in Russia. Why?

Because it destroys the pharmaceutical paradigm and the doctors that practice it, using electromagnetic vibration to diagnose and cure without side effects yet with pinpoint precision. Deta Elis Electromagnetic Bioresonance Therapy Devices will be sweeping the globe just like cell phones and computers.

Who has endorsed this technology? President Putin of Russia uses it and the Department of Health in Russia has approved it for wide use across their nation, which amounts to three hundred million people. The Russian space program uses this technology because it enables convenient and non-invasive monitoring and enhancing of the health of their cosmonauts. Medicine just became more affordable, more accurate, and infinitely safer with Delta Elis technology.

The first stop in this revolution is Hepatitis B and C as well as herpes. Russian doctors are claiming a ninety percent cure rate for these incurable infections. Everyone is familiar with the fact that you can shatter a glass with sound.

One of the Deta Elis machines, called the “Deta AP” will shatter viruses, bacteria and fungi, coming to us just as antibiotics become more of a terror than a help. This phenomenon where we can kill microbes with frequencies is called BIORESONANCE, and this is the principle that these Deta Elis devices use to cure.
Those who know of preceding technology like Hulda Clark’s Zapper will soon be able to afford Deta Elis machines, which will be like cell phones and soon even smaller, that will wipe out every infection imaginable with laser precision. Let us consider it a Zapper on steroids times 1,000 for starters!
With this “too good to be true” form of medicine (Bioresonance) one can have their diagnosis already in hand from a western practitioner and use one of the treatment machines that one can buy as a consumer/patient. Very soon even similar models will be available like MP3 players and one will be able to download, like on an IPad, applications that will address specific medical problems. So if you are travelling, for example, and come down with gastroenteritis, you can download on your personal computer the AP for gastroenteritis and run it until you get better. The application program will contain all the frequencies for eradicating the bacteria responsible for gastroenteritis. This is 21st century medicine at its best!

Just as Bioresonance can be used to balance a part of the body it can also be used to destroy parasites and bacteria. By far better than explaining, it is to watch a 33-second video and see it in action.

Can you see the power of this? Once diagnosed with a particular parasite or virus it can be targeted with a particular frequency that will cause no harm to anything else but kill the parasite/virus. The video above shows parasites exploding but for a very clear demonstration on glass in slow motion watch the following:
In the future, after practitioners are trained, Deta Elis diagnostic machines will reveal the exact parasite, virus, bacteria or fungus present and then the treatment device is programmed to destroy, and destroy it does. Though most of this is preprogrammed into the device diagnostics takes wings to a new level that pins down a patient’s overall chronic problems, translates that into a frequency, and then an exact positive outburst from the device will, over several hours, shower the wearer with the perfect healing frequency.

First we destroy everything that does not belong inside of us with one Deta Elis device and then we set upon the task of rebuilding our organs and numerous biological systems with another called the Deta RITM device, which helps to heal and rejuvenate organ pathologies and physiological systems such as the immune system, circulatory system, hormonal system and the like.
Infectious control in the 21st century certainly is not going to be anything like that of the 20th century. The age of antibiotics is about over as great harm has been done to the world’s populations with them. We have come close to compromising our biological existence with the reckless use of antibiotics.

Now we have antibiotic-resistant strains of pathogens encroaching on our biospheres and it is getting increasingly dangerous to set foot anywhere near a hospital. Many people, including children, who die in the hospital after surgery die not from the surgery itself but from infections that get out of control. Infections cause 68 percent of childrens’ deaths. Not with Deta Elis devices in your pocket as there is no chance of creating anti-biotic resistant bugs or catching these from a hospital.

Every organ of the body has its own special frequency. The Lung resonates at 72 cycles per second, also known as Hertz. If the lung becomes infected its frequency will fall out of balance usually dropping a few Hertz. It has been discovered that by producing the same frequency as a healthy lung with a frequency generator we can rebalance the lung and induce healing. This process is called Bioresonance and can be used on all parts of the body.
There have been many researchers that have worked on energy medicine and Bioresonance this past century such as Dr. Rife, Dr. Voll, Dr. Schimmel, Dr. Morell and others. Some of the machines developed through the years run as high as 40,000 dollars.

The Russians have outdone everyone bringing this technology into medical and healthcare practices as well as into every home. Over the last 17 years, the Russian scientists, spearheaded by Dr. Konoblov, a medical doctor and Ph.D. physicist, have  developed small, portable devices that are innovative cutting-edge at only a fraction of the cost of previous generation machines.

Using pharmaceutical poisons just got that much more insane! Remember when cell phones came out or the personal computer? In five years, we will see everyone walking around not just with his or her cell phone but also with a safe therapeutic device that will put health empowerment back into the peoples’ hands.

The Russians conducted extensive studies on over 25,000 people and established an accurate system of analyzing and reinforcing energetic health of the organs, and their connection to specific areas on the skin (dermal-visceral zones).

As a result of these devices’ action, a weakened organ receives energy needed for normal functioning, which is redistributed on a wide scale, restoring their workability. Thousands of people have been able to cut down on their dosages of medicines, and in some cases have entirely stopped taking them and have regained excellent health.

Gentle safe medicine just became a reality so doctors can now go back to the Hippocratic Oath that says: “First do no harm” when treating people. These gentle devices achieve exactly this – they can heal without being invasive and without causing harmful side-effects. The devices can be used with children and pets, and can therefore act as your “family doctor”

One of the most extraordinary claims coming out of Russia answers a long-standing problem in energy medicine and that is the problem of measuring results. They are claiming that the results can be confirmed by all well-known diagnostic methods. To date Deta Elis has developed more than 3,000 treatment programs, with an overall positive effect in many health problems in excess of 85%.

To my devoted readers and patients

This is my first communication to the western world about this rising technology. In January of 2014 these devices will also be manufactured in Germany making them much more accessible. The Russian business plan is a traditional multi-level-marketing model with Dr. George Georgiou Ph.D.,N.D.,DSc (AM), an expert in energy medicine and holistic medicine, at the very top in the English-speaking world selected to train doctors and practitioners in bioresonance testing and treatments.

This is perfect for those who want to make a business opportunity with this technology and is a good setup for practitioners who will be using the diagnostic machines and selling the treatment devices to patients. For a small taste of that, see this video of Deta Elis at their big celebration and award party. It is exciting and it is Russian.

It would also be worth watching this other 5-minute video about the company and their innovative devices –

No doubt when I publish this document there will be a rush to obtain this new technology. My patients from around the world will be given priority and then of course my readers, who will come under my banner with Deta Elis. Practitioners of every stripe are invited as well as patients who want to learn to use the Bioresonance approach on their own.

Treatment devices like the Deta AP and the Deta RITM are approximately 500 euros ($675 USD) each but even less expensive units will come next year with simpler design in a mini version with the ability to download your own frequencies for a wide range of ailments. Diagnostic machines start at 2,500 euros ($3400USD) and their most sophisticated combined diagnostic and treatment device the Deta Professional goes as low as 8,000 euro ($11,000 USD) – about one fifth of the price of similar units. You can see all of these devices at

Compare that to the cost of most medical equipment and drugs as well as therapies and one can see that the onetime startup cost for the consumer or practitioner is more than reasonable. Obama care, on the other hand, will undoubtedly fail as it should because it promotes the wrong type of medicine at obscene prices.

Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

WTO Seals Deal for First Time in 18 Years to Ease Trade

WTO Seals Deal for First Time in 18 Years to Ease Trade


The World Trade Organization agreed to the first major accord in the group’s 18-year history, a pact designed to smooth commerce at borders and safeguard food security programs in developing nations.

The deal unveiled today in Bali, Indonesia, was the first multilateral agreement negotiated by the WTO’s 159 member nations. It emerged from talks that had continued through the night after the U.S. and India compromised on food subsidies and a Latin American bloc led by Cuba dropped its earlier opposition to a draft agreement.

  FedEx Avoiding Sideways Twisters Lets Freighters Fly Frequently
Aircraft sit on the tarmac at the FedEx Corp. Express hub at Memphis International Airport in Memphis, Tennessee. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

“For first time in our history, the WTO has truly delivered,” said WTO Director-General Roberto Azevedo. “We have put the world back into the World Trade Organization.”

Success in reaching an agreement that supporters say could add $1 trillion to the world economy may help extend talks on the Doha trade negotiations, which have have dragged on for 12 years. A deal at Bali had looked unlikely earlier this week.

India wanted a pact that would satisfy its demands to exempt food security plans from being counted under subsidy spending caps, while the U.S. was concerned that surplus from India’s food program may get dumped onto world markets.

The agreement lets India and other developing nations continue to subsidize their crops to bolster food security without having to worry about legal challenges, so long as the practice doesn’t distort trade, according to a draft text.

Market Access 


Indonesian Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan told ministers at a conference today that the accord will provide more certainty to business.

“These countries will benefit from increased access to markets,” said Wirjawan, adding it will make it easier for the least developed countries to export goods.

The anti-poverty campaign group War on Want said the Bali talks still hadn’t resulted in universal rights to food.

The U.S. and other members of the Geneva-based WTO would retain the right to file a complaint if subsidized goods are sold in global markets and depress prices or harm competitors.

U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman hailed the agreement, calling it an important step toward advancing the Doha agenda.

“The WTO has entered a new era,” Froman said in a statement. “WTO members have demonstrated that we can come together as one to set new rules that create economic opportunity and prosperity for our nations and peoples.”

Business Reaction 


The draft included provisions to cut red tape at borders, a step sought by shippers including FedEx Corp. and United Parcel Service Inc.
U.S. business groups, including the Business Roundtable and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, hailed the pact. The Washington-based roundtable’s members include the chief executive officers of U.S. companies such as Boeing Co. and Microsoft Corp.
This “will provide a solid foundation to re-energize the WTO” and provide momentum to conclude other deals, Caterpillar Inc. CEO Douglas Oberhelman, chairman of the roundtable’s international engagement committee, said in a statement.

Susan Ariel Aaronson, professor of international affairs who specializes in trade policy at George Washington University in Washington, said the compromise was a trade-off that keeps in place protectionist agricultural policies for the sake of the larger trading system.

“You always have to buy trade liberalization with some protectionism” at the international level, she said in a phone interview. If that allows the WTO to achieve some success in opening trade, it’s a good thing, she said.

No Meltdown 


Public Citizen, a Washington-based consumer-advocacy organization, was skeptical of the effectiveness of an accord, saying the draft includes watered-down provisions that simply let the WTO save face after years of stalled talks.

“Reviewing the actual text of the agreement, it appears that the biggest ‘breakthrough’ was simply that yet another WTO Ministerial meeting did not melt down altogether,” Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch program, said in a statement.

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Spooky Physics Phenomenon May Link Universe's Wormholes

  Wormholes — shortcuts that in theory can connect distant points in the universe — might be linked with the spooky phenomenon of quantum entanglement, where the behavior of particles can be connected regardless of distance, researchers say.

These findings could help scientists explain the universe from its very smallest to its biggest scales.

Scientists have long sought to develop a theory that can describe how the cosmos works in its entirety. Currently, researchers have two disparate theories, quantum mechanics and general relativity, which can respectively mostly explain the universe on its tiniest scales and its largest scales. There are currently several competing theories seeking to reconcile the pair.

One prediction of the theory of general relativity devised by Einstein involves wormholes, formally known as Einstein-Rosen bridges. In principle, these warps in the fabric of space and time can behave like shortcuts connecting any black holes in the universe, making them a common staple of science fiction.

Intriguingly, quantum mechanics also has a phenomenon that can link objects such as electrons regardless of how far apart they are — quantum entanglement.

"This is true even when the electrons are light years apart," saidKristan Jensen, a theoretical physicist at Stony Brook University in New York.

Einstein derisively called this seemingly impossible connection "spooky action at a distance."

However, numerous experiments have proven quantum entanglement is real, and it may serve as the foundation of advanced future technologies, such as incredibly powerful quantum computers and nigh-unhackable quantum encryption.

"Entanglement is one of the most bizarre but important features of quantum mechanics," Jensen said.

And if entanglement really is connected to wormholes, that could help reconcile quantum mechanics with general relativity, the two examples of this phenomenon, on tiny and huge scales.

Entanglement and wormholes

Recently, theoretical physicists Juan Martín Maldacena at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and Leonard Susskind at Stanford University argued that wormholes are linked with entanglement. Specifically, they suggested that wormholes are each pairs of black holes that are entangled with one another.

Entangled black holes could be generated in a number of ways. For instance, a pair of black holes could in principle be made simultaneously, and these would automatically be entangled.

Alternatively, radiation given off by a black hole could be captured and then collapsed into a black hole, and the resulting black hole would be entangled with the black hole that supplied the ingredients for it.

Maldacena and Susskind not only suggested that wormholes are entangled black holes, but they argued that entanglement in general was linked to wormholes. They conjectured that entangled particles such as electrons and photons were connected by extraordinarily tiny wormholes.

At first sight, such a claim might sound preposterous. For instance, entanglement works even when gravity is not known to play a role.

Now two independent groups of researchers suggest entanglement may indeed be linked to wormholes. If this connection is true, it could help bridge quantum mechanics with general relativity, potentially helping better understand both.

Holograms and wormholes

Jensen and his colleague theoretical physicist Andreas Karch at the University of Washington in Seattle investigated how entangled pairs of particles behave in a supersymmetric theory, which suggests that all known subatomic particles have "superpartner" particles not yet observed. The theory was one proposed to help unite quantum mechanics and general relativity.

An idea in this theory is that if one imagines certain quantum mechanical systems exist in only three dimensions, their behavior can be explained by objects behaving in the four dimensions that general relativity describes the universe as having — the three dimensions of space, and the fourth of time.

This notion that actions in this universe may emerge from a reality with fewer dimensions is known as holography, akin to how two-dimensional holograms can give the illusion of three dimensions. [5 Reasons We May Live in a Multiverse]

Jensen and Karch found that if one imagined entangled pairs in a universe with four dimensions, they behaved in the same way as wormholes in a universe with an extra fifth dimension. Essentially, they discovered that entanglement and wormholes may be one and the same.

"Entangled pairs were the holographic images of a system with a wormhole," Jensen said.

Independent research from theoretical physicist Julian Sonner at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology supports this finding.

"There are certain things that get a scientist's heart beating faster, and I think this is one of them," Jensen told LiveScience. "One really exciting thing is that maybe, inspired by these results, we can better understand the relation between entanglement and space-time."

The scientists detailed their findings in two papers published Nov. 20 in the journal Physical Review Letters.

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