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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Clif High - Webbot Project - Global Coastal Event Summary as of March 2013

Global Coastal Event Summary as of March 2013 


[updated 28 March 2013 - Modified a few things within the section 'When is it Coming']

[updated 10 March 2013 - Added Sinkhole information to the heading 'What Causes it']
[updated 3 March 2013 -added new information under the section 'strange government activites'. Added new data gap information under 'end of the webbot'.  Added information to the bottom section of 'What causes it']
[updated 2 March 2013 -added new information under the section 'numbers']
[updated 23 Feb 2013 -added a second section to 'Leading up to the Global Coastal Event' relating to more information coming from IDIR 21st of Feb. Also added a new paragraph to the bottom of the 'Will information be released beforehand?' section. Updated 'When is it Coming' date as well. ]
[updated 16 Feb 2013 -added a new section before 'What causes it' titled 'Leading up to the Global Coastal Event' and also added new information to the 'when is it coming' section]
[updated 9 Feb 2013 - added a link at the bottom to cover the spiritual angle of this]

"In that day, he who is on the housetop, and his goods are in the house, let him not come down to take them away. And likewise, the one who is in the field, let him not turn back.
I tell you, in that night, there will be two men in one bed: the one will be taken and the other will be left. Two women will be grinding grain together : one will be taken and the other left. Two men will be in the field: the one will be taken and the other left.
And they answered and said to Him, "Where Lord" So He said to them, "Where ever the body is, there the eagles will be gathered together." - Luke, 17:31-37

Perhaps this situation just mentioned was referring to multiple souls moving from the physical Earth to a New Earth from a shift in consciousness and/or an Earth Change event(s). An ascension process possibly? But a process that may not be as practically visible and understanding to us, just like these ancient writings and quotes aren't.

Perhaps it means something totally different. But something that is guaranteed is that this text above is most likely not what was originally written when quill first put it to paper thousands of years ago.

Back on the 16th of September, 2012, I wrote about the Global Coastal Event. I used existing current information from Clif High's webbot Wujo's and also the data from Courtney Browns remote viewing studies which validates the webbot data, but also provides additional information.

This entry here is going to bring together that information and update it with everything else that has been released from Clif High and his webbot data since that date. You can find all the updates manually and more additional information and predictions which have been validated or are ongoing, through the link 'Webbot - Clif High' on the right side menu.

For those interested in finer details, I have gone through roughly 16 of Clif's Wujo's, four of his radio interviews, read 2 of his Webbot Data Analysis Reports (The Shape of Things to Come v1i1 59 pages, This Changing World - Temporal markers for 2013, 24 pages) and listened to 8 of his weekly Immediacy Data Intelligence Reports.

[by XSereneiX on DeviantArt]

When is it coming?

A few days ago(end of Jan 2013), email correspondence was posted by a webbot forum member between themselves and Clif. Clif High's latest predicted date from that correspondence for the event to occur, that being The Global Coastal Event, is around the 10th of May, 2013. This is a very rough guess by him based upon a small number of factors.

Otherwise, the general time window mentioned by Clif High is based upon many factors including the remote viewing studies conducted by Courtney Brown over at, and the independent validation studies that Clif High has arranged, and also recently this year, information from a Russian remote viewing group.

That general window is from the end of April up until the 20th of May 2013.

[update 28 March 2013 - My personal opinion on when the GCE will occur, if it is to occur, would be around the day of the 10th of May, 2013.]

But note that through the Immediacy Data Intelligence Reports that Clif High releases weekly, he will be able to come up with a much more accurate date, most likely a month to two weeks away from the event. So there will be a more accurate understanding of a specific date and confirmation that the event is seen in the immediate future once it starts showing up in this weekly data.

Clif High mentions that he has been working with two other geologists from local government (that he really trusts) that tell him that some of his calculations are pretty accurate in a general sense which lets Cliff make assumptions about additional remote viewing validation studies that were done for other individuals and the level of flooding inland based around their location.

The validation studies show that by June 1 2013, the inland areas of Ontario and Arkansaw are drying out. The drying our relative to their local soil suggests to him that whenever the Global Coastal Event occurs, the rain portion of the inundation occurs on or before May 20th. As it would take at least ten days for the water to drain off where they end up with the images from the remote viewers showing the areas dried out in June.

[update 25 March 2013 -The latest update by Clif is that the time period is from the end of April until mid May]

Will information be released beforehand?

This question was asked in one of Clif High's interviews, "Should we expect people who are aware that the Elites are going to help them selves live during this period... should we expect that people come out with secrets about this." Clif High says it's highly unlikely. Clif High mentions the powers that be are very good at suppressing information from the twenty five thousand media outlets around the world. He says maybe days before the event information may come out.

Clif High says the impression that he has always got from the webbot data, independent of the remote viewing studies at and also independent of the validation remote viewing studies that Clif High organised, always showed a view of people being thrown off their couch by a giant earthquake, the house collapsing around them and the people not having an understanding of what occurred. Meaning there was no information which was there explaining it. Meaning the media most likely didn't release any information just before that predicted event.

This information below comes from the Immediacy Data Intelligence Report from the 21st of February, 2013 - Over the next four to five weeks(From end of February 2013), there seems to be indicators of knowledge of, or wording about the potential for the Global Coastal Event. There is language showing that the Minions will be responding and that March will be a very interesting period, a pivotal period for the Media and language relative to what Clif High has labeled his Global Coastal Event.

The end of the Webbot

Clif High mentions that shortly after the Global Coastal Event occurs, the forecasting ability of the webbot goes down to essentially nothing. He says what they call the void of their data appears at that time. Many years ago now, he didn't realise back when he forecasted this that it was the same time period of the Global Coastal Event.

In other words, as a result of the internet and the electricity grid going down, its the end of the webbot. Clif has repeated this many times over now, and again this month, January 2013 so nothing has changed up until now to show that the internet remains up.

From the webbot data analysis report, 'This Changing World - Temporal markers for 2013' Note that the data sets do not persist in model space following the [global coastal event]. This period is from approximately May of 2013 onward, and at that point model space is forecasting that the [data goes dark], or what we have termed [silence]. In our current understanding, this most likely is pointing to a period of damage to the internet such that our processes cannot be run.

[Added 3 March 2013 (Clif's Wujo 27 Feb 2013) - Quickly before Clif High finishes up the Wujo, he mentions the end of the webbot again and the data gaps showing in the weekly immediacy data intelligence reports. He says that the data gaps start showing from March and build up over an eighty day period from whence the data just stops.]

Leading up to the Global Coastal Event

This section of information came through a weekly Immediacy Data Intelligence Report from the 14th of February, 2013 - The next phase is explicitly showing pulsating motion, lots of thunder and lightning. Volcanoes. Solid mountain with pulsating motion under it. Crust of the Earth broken open. It looks like we are shifting into the GCE period.

It looks like the volcanoes will start first. There is a widely opened area. Looks like it's going to be a broken open volcano that is going to flood. Opening of a fixed rigid mountain structure. Solid mountain cracks open.

Crust of the earth words comes up. Restrained energy breaking free. 'Caution', 'Danger'. A different level of cycle showing. 'New cycle of life' in some regions. Not necessarily the whole planet but Clif said he wouldn't be surprised.

Volcanic activity is going to be very spectacular, throwing stuff way up into the atmosphere impacting the sky to make the sun look sick from our viewpoint down here.

There are cross links fron the volcanoes to crud in the sky, including the chemtrails, over to food production failures, the drought and climate change subset. The MSM is going to have a huge amount of stuff, including the alternative media as we shift over into this new phase of volcanic activity. Its going to start showing up everywhere, especially food production. There are cross links over to the hyper inflation and currency wars. So all of this is going to happen around the same time. It will be a squeeze time period around ,food, supplies and weather.

This section below (before what causes it heading) comes from the Immediacy Data Intelligence Report from the 21st of February, 2013 - Not only Solar Explosions but possibly plasma affects in the upper ionosphere will appear in May. People will not understand whats going on after staring up at the sky and saying 'what te hell is happening there??'. This seems to relate to mid May and may indicate the period of time where the plasma event is associated with the Global Coastal Event.

So the time frame is mentioned by Clif High in this IDIR, from February the 22nd, says from early may to about the 20th of May is the window for these plasma events in the sky.

The plasma effects will trail behind some form of solar expulsion which may or may not be connected to a period of earthquakes in the middle of April. There is a lot of distortion, a lot of crustal shift indications, not in terms of the whole crust moving but in terms of cracks forming up and getting a level of visibility in the middle of April from the series of earthquakes, which Clif High talks about specifically in the above mentioned IDIR.

There is a cross connect in the webbot data between Earthquakes events coming up. Two sets of earthquake indicators with different date hooks on them. One is hooked to the 27th, 28th and 29th of February. There is another set that shows the middle of April, around 12th to 17th.

There is a cross connect over with encounters with nature and disruptions on a planetary level

There is a cross link here to solar activity from space during mid April.  There is mention of atmosphere noise in the upper atmosphere. The disruption impacts communications and is a form of noise impacting the magnetosphere or upper ionosphere where radio communications down to the ground will be impacted.

It's an episode or instance, not an ongoing process at that stage. Maybe a week long. 20-30 small expulsions  from the Sun during this period. It will be difficult for speaking on radio/TV. All forms of communications being disrupted. Satellites effected.

This expulsion appears to be the same time as that series or group of Earthquakes mid April. It probably won't be an individual one, but a group of Earthquakes. There seems to be a connection between the quakes and the solar activity. It may relate to the west coast of California. A disruptive level there but not devastating at this time.

This is interesting - Clif says that the quake showing for the end of February that he has discussed in previous IDIR's, is connected to the April quake in the form of the earth experiencing a deformation of sorts. There looks to be MSM story about this weird earth deformation occurring.

There is a cross connect through to the April quakes which are accompanied by Thunder, not only in our atmosphere but at a cosmic level. It's possible there may be some thunder around the end of February quake, but it may just be mixed up data Clif High says with the April quake time frame. There will be lightning affects, high level of electrical discharge, communications disrupted, electrical 'snapping'. Grounding, discharge words, electric tension. 'Energy, energy clouds, things becoming unbalanced.

So the electrical potential of the upper atmosphere becoming unbalanced and great sheets at an electrical level will impact the communications radio frequency and apparently satellite connections.  Mines will be affected by this into March and April. Supply and distribution. Whatever is going to go on seems to affect the supply and pricing.

Silver is going to suddenly be more attractive at that time for the planetary populace. The MSM may be discussing its a good idea for people to be going after silver. This looks like a bad time for the dollar in March. There will be pressure on the sheeple of the middle class to get off their sofa's and make a move to do something rather than sticking with paper currencies.

[Added 3 March 2013 (Immediacy Data Intelligence Report February 28 2013) - Clif High mentions that there is some good data showing about the source or a cause of the Global Coastal Event. There are indications over the next week to nine/ ten days, that we should start seeing stories that will arise, which will relate to core source for the potential Global Coastal Event, which is volcanism.

There is a subset of data with a higher degree of visibility running up to over 11 (remember that 9 means stories in the media) in multiple languages, that we are looking at stories about magma movement, volcanism, the impact of volcanism. We may get a fairly large level of eruptions and shut downs of air traffic.

There should be more stories coming out about the quickening or awakening of the planet. There are impacts indicating on Europe in both Earthquakes and transportation with humans and goods. There are also indicators within the set that the volcanism will impact Asia and the west coast of America.

The west coast of US will primarily have heavy duty pollution from Russian or Asian volcanoes, but in Asia the volcanoes themselves will cause transportation issues as well. It doesn't appear to be around Japan.

It appears to be Russia, maybe even in Alaska. Something is coming over the poles, so to speak. It will in an area that will create a band of smoke and debris that will be visible from space, but Clif is not sure if its associated with Alaska.

There are many more words about flooding. Clif High says you can't just get away from these flooding words coming up in the webbot IDIR data. Clif says the weather over the next say month, will be atypical in another of different ways, not only to the volcanism and flooding but also the component of 'rain' from space.

Clif High says we do get a lot of our water from space in the form of micro meteorites. The subset of data is actually saying 'space rain'. The next month, March, is going to be quite filled with folks looking up and having interesting views of stuff coming down from space and this situation being related somehow to weather and climate. ]

What causes it? 

From the The Shape of Things to Come v1i1 report. - The data seems to show that the trigger for the global coastal event is from solar activity.

Note that last time I checked, the next solar maximum is predicted to be here in May, 2013.

Cliff says a commonality between the Courtney Brown remote viewing projects and the webbot data is when the soldiers look up in the sky during a war or conflict they see something that makes them decide to stop fighting, and return home to their families. This is a pre-cursor to the Global Coastal Event so it could be very near to the event when this occurs.

Cliff has mentioned that it may not be possible to ever discover what caused the event that brings the disaster because of how communications gets taken out. Meaning there would be no news or discussion on the internet for the webbot to pick up that explains what happened.

Cliff has discussed data supporting the idea of intrusions from space. He says it shows up in Courtney Browns remote viewing work. Cliff says he expects we will see a plasma event that won't produce a CME, but will create some amazing shapes and beautiful electrical occurrences in the sky/atmosphere and at the same time, a high energy stream will come down into the middle of the planet and trigger a sudden plate expansion and possible crack in the Pacific's plate.

I have come to the personal conclusion at this time that stellar energy may be part of this. The trigger behind the solar trigger, as in what causes the cycles relating to what's going on with the earth and galaxy. You can read more about that here, 'Galactic Stellar Explosions - The trigger events behind 2012'

The Global Coastal Event will be contending with a lack of electricity because of the plasma events operating very wide spread, like an EMP event, on a global scale. It may not destroy the power grid in total, but will cause a lot of damage.

Since the plasma event would be coming down on the same side of the planet which the sun is facing, there will be a counter effect on the opposite side of the planet which would draw down off the magnetosphere as it warps around to the plasma event. The dangerous place at that time would be the dark side of the Earth because of the high levels of radiation.

An event is also seen to occur around this time at the south pole which causes the ice to suddenly move or melt. He talks about a shift in the Antarctic ice. A giant mass leaves Antarctica causing tsunamis devastating coasts from the South up towards the North and reaching Alaska.

Cliff says it may take up to six weeks for all the ice to move fully into the ocean from the Antarctic. It could be weeks that the waves take to grow higher and higher he once said.

Clif has a strong opinion towards the expanding Earth theory and believes this is one of the causes behind the event. However, things get confusing when the Sun obviously acts as a trigger for the event and most likely is part of the energy behind the many changes on the planet during this cycle. But what's causing the Sun to do that? That's where my Stellar Energy post comes in.

He doesn't believe a pole shift is the cause and while Charles Hapgood's theory makes sense, he thinks what the data Charles was working on was really relating to an expanding Earth, not a pole shift.

He says there is some indication that whatever occurs in the pacific also happens in the Atlantic simultaneously.

[Added 16 February 2013 - This information within the brackets comes from Clif High's Wujo which was released on the 9th of February, 2013. Clif High mentions the cracking of the Pacific Plate. He talks about a new development of a bulge of molten lava just under the ocean basin in the pacific along a known fault line near the recent 8.0 earthquake in the Solomon / Santa Cruz Islands. He says its bulging the bottom of the ocean and is between the mantle and the ocean bottom.

I believe Clif is referring to the blog I posted about yesterday here, 'The Deep Roots of Catastrophe: Partly Molten, Florida-Sized Blob Forms Atop Earth's Core'.

This implies that there will be a new island chain forming, if there is a puncture. 'A new Hawaii' Clif says. The Hawaiian chain is formed from magma coming up beneath the ocean floor and forming the islands. Over time the earth moves and shifts and so on, and that hole gets shifted relative to the island that's formed on top and suddenly underneath, a new island is formed as it pops up.

He says each island currently in Hawaii was created by the Volcano there and now there is going to be another island further way which will create a new one.

Clif talks about the lava bulge near the Santa Cruz islands, in that island chain  (where the recent 8.0 Richter magnitude earthquake occurred). He says if there was a pin prick in that bulge, a new volcano would form along with new islands.

He's not sure if this is going to happen though going from the webbot data. He says because this bulge is new and because of other factors, this bulge could end up causing a rupture and a crack in the pacific plate, rather than a hole. The event would be a lot more violent and a lot more intense in a shorter period of time if the magma was released.

Clif says that this would account for the data behind the Global Coastal event pacific plate crack if what he described occurred. He says if the magma rupture occurred, it would be quasi nuclear in the sense of the amount of energy that was released. A huge amount of vaporised super steam of water when it finally came out of the ocean, would erupt as a giant steam volcano. He said this would do a number of things such as alter the level of water in the ocean, as a lot of the water would turn into steam in milliseconds.

The steam event where vast amounts of the Pacific ocean would be vaporised into steam and hurled into the atmosphere, would cause, certainly the effects he is seeing in the continuing parts of the Global Coastal Event where inland areas are inundated with huge amounts of water beyond our level of understanding.

Clif admits its been difficult for him to understand what would cause the GCE event to occur based upon all the language in the webbot data coming up over the years, however this explanation that he has provided based upon the above situation would go towards answering his understanding.

Clif says that a continent sized mass may appear in the middle of the pacific ocean as a result of this and could be a cause for some of the data coming up in the Global Coastal Event. (as a result of the magma event mentioned above)

Through Clif's Wujo, released on the 15th of February 2013, which focused on the recent Russian asteroid impact and DA14, Clif did mention that it may be a possibility that an asteroid energy shock wave could  cause the pacific plate to crack, but he was just putting this out there, not picking up anything in the data showing that.]

[Added 10th of March, 2014 - Clif mentions that sinkholes are appearing more frequently. He mentions they started coming up a number of years ago within the webbot reports. He says the sinkholes are a side effect of the expansion of the Planet.

The planet is being pushed apart from the inside and sinkholes are appearing as a result of the expanding earth situation. Clif High says that the sink hole effects will be all over the planet, but concentrated in the Northern Hemisphere. He says they have started creeping, as in they are appearing at a higher up latitude. Clif High expects the sink holes will go all the way to the North Pole.

Clif High says that because the southern hemisphere isn't jammed packed with continents which would apply pressure, there is more leeway in terms of being able to form and separate with the rocks. Clif High's opinion is that the opposite will occur - More islands will appear and the ground will move up out of the ocean for example. (This would make sense when looking at the future maps of the world - Laron)

Clif High says that there would still be cracks in the Southern Hemisphere, it's just that materials will fill those cracks and move up which is what is the cause would be behind new land forming. Lava would also be part of the movement, making things more volatile. This would be mostly happening in the oceans as the oceans take up a lot more geography in the Southern Hemisphere.

Clif High now talks about the 'big sinkhole, which has formed over on the eastern ridge limb of the chatham trench near New Zealand and the Solomon Islands. This is where Clif expects the crack in the pacific plate will occur which is what would cause the Global Coastal Event.

Clif High says if you get enough of these sink holes in the southern hemisphere, and they create new pin points of matter attempting to come on through, because of the ability of the matter to come on through, the bottom of the ocean ruptures a bit, you get a bit of a crack maybe a few yards wide, then a few hundred feet and so on, then material comes up and a small island forms.

It doesn't have to come up fast, it just has to be there and it happens a little further along and a little further along and so on, and this is like the sink holes are all being plugged. Basically they will go along in the path of least resistance at the point of where the bottom of the ocean is thinnest and most fragile, and this will form a crack. Just like one might crack stone by drilling a series of holes in a stone. This is what is going to occur here Clif thinks, as in the trigger for the Global Coastal Event.

So these holes will be formed by materials below, creating a pressured wedge that will cause the pacific plate to crack.

On a Global scale, Clif doesn't think the sinkholes will be hugely dominate, as in every five yards, but Clif thinks we will see the level of sinkholes accelerate over the next month or so(March, into early April) and that they will move north. There should be reports coming up in Canada, Sweden, Russia, Finland, that kind of thing. When this occurs, we will know that the expansion process is getting very close to its next stage of evolution.

As once all the sink holes have gone all the way to the north pole, then there wont be a second wave of sinkholes, as that opening or softening of the skin of the planet would have occurred. So the next phase would be an increase of pressure on the planet so that a rupture occurs - The Global Coastal Event.]

What to expect during it?

By June the 1st, 2013, an upthrust of water will flood the coastal areas of the Pacific Ocean as well as parts of the Atlantic Ocean as a result of a a plate rupture. Cliff expects bad earthquakes, very violent weather such as giant wind storms, dust storms and volcanic debris covering the sky globally after the event.

The pacific plate will possibly crack on the south side of Hawaii, but there is a chance it could be the north side. Cliff explains the Global Coastal Event will be a bathtub kind of surging around the planet. It will take some time for the water surging tsunami's and waves to reach various parts of the planet. He says within 24 hours it would have reached all the coasts in the Pacific.

He says the surging will not be giant tsunami's everywhere. There may be tsunamis from 120 feet to 3 feet he expects. He mentions a good example of what will happen comes from Courtney Browns remote viewing information in Fort Jesus, Mombasa, Kenya. The area seen in the remote viewing there is a 100 mile coastal plain in width and the water rises up, goes back 72 miles to hit the mountains. So the wave doesn't have to be that high to reach that far because there is nothing to break it up.

The information from the Farsight Institute shows waves going in land but then coming back out into the ocean.

Cliff thinks that something may slip off the Antarctica (ice shelf) during the Global Coastal Event which causes the water to rise Globally. He expects it could take two years for the whole of the planet to be effected as a result of this sea water rise.

As a result of the initial event, gigantic rivers are produced in the atmosphere 12-15 hours after the initial event. There is expected to be a lot of rain coming down as a result, which causes a flooding around the World that has never been seen before in our life time.  "Rivers of rain around the world" He mentions inland seas forming and mountains coming down, shutting off rivers which will have to form elsewhere. Cliff mentions there will be a lot of evaporation because of this event.

The flooding descriptors are varied he mentions, and how the high tide would come in and not retreat. Then the next day the water would come in further and people would have to retreat, but the ocean will continue to not go back out. He says it could be that this could happen in a relatively short period of time.

Many of the data sets support the idea of flooding at huge sea elevations and very much globally. Inland areas and coastal areas are included in this. But he mentions that almost all the actual flooding is due to an increase in the amount of rain coming down. This amount will be beyond anything we have ever seen before. Mountains will be heavily eroded by rains.

The timing of the rain sounds like it may be days and weeks after the actual main Global Coastal Event. Data shows many people fleeing inland cities because of the flooding. Data suggests nuclear power plants on the coasts being swept away.

The data supports the occurrence of a planetary wide Earthquake at the time of the Global Coastal Event.

The global electricity grid goes down. Some areas may retain electricity, in some areas power will be down for decades. Food supply issues come up. Major structural issues with buildings as a result of the weather and earthquakes. Large loss of life. No hospitals operating. No petrol/gas left. No deliverery systems in place.  Much crime, rioting and looting.

Inland areas are not that much better than coastal areas because of the extrme flooding inland. Data shows a lot of land erosion.

No information shows long term of people coming out of underground bunkers such as government/military/police coming out after the event. Tidal flooding comes up in the data. Local habitation on coasts and ports are ‘unusable’.

He says that island nation states south of the crack in the pacific north would be largely impacted by tsunamis. He says there may be a simultaneous crack in the south pacific plate as well as a North which would cause problems for Australia and the eastern coast of Africa. The good news he says, is that the Atlantic basin is not initially impacted but will be later from the water flowing from the Pacific. As you read earlier, this contradicts something else he said about a simultaneous rupture in both oceans. But from his wording it sounds like the chance is small.

He has brought up the topic of dry ports, quite frequently recently, as in the water disappearing from those areas and how there is no time frame of how long the water will be gone. He mentions some ports will be flooded, which will be persistent for weeks or even permanently.

He says the new coastline will not all happen in a day and can take up to two years for all the coasts to be impacted.

He said he doesn't see a Mad Max event where there are only a few survivors. He sees a world in which the coastal infrastructure globally has been devastated, forcing the populous back inland. Cliff mentions that a number of people will die later over time because of the lack of medication, medical treatment and food. (as expected)

He mentions the digital economy will be destroyed but this doesn't mean the precious metals market goes away but is reduced to local areas eventually. And this is a connection to why the price of silver goes up very near the event occurring. To me, this tells me that people see signs, temporal markers , pre-cursors, whatever we wish to call them and decide there is little doubt now the event is coming and all go running to buy silver so that later on they have something to trade with for food, supplies and what not.

Cliff goes into detail now about how North America suffers in greater ways than other parts of the planet. He mentions the west coast is devastated in regards to the physical infrastructure and physical land. On the east coast, there is less physical destruction but far more infrastructure and social disorder destruction. So the west coast feels it like an earthquake event with a long term recovery where the east feels it less sharp yet more as a flood area that takes our the infrastructure at the same level, with electricity being gone and flooding. The east coast seems to have a far higher level of degradation, possibly because of a higher population and the many suburbia areas.

There is recent data showing huge sections of rock giving way on the great barrier reef. The side where the super volcano sits, he says.

He explains that the cables linking continents together, which carry communication will go during the event. Data shows that strong winds from the south will begin and head towards the arctic. They will be so strong that they will be outside any range of current measurement. New currents and jet streams will be created.

An energy wave is said to originate from the Pacific Basin.  Clouds and chemtrails in the sky will disperse from the winds from the south. It’s described as an ‘air tsunami’ that ripples around the planet from the south. It is also known an an energetic dispersion wave.The winds are said to arrive at Alaska before Greenland, which indicates the wind originates from the pacific basin. The data is saying that because of the quality of the air, it causes mental illness such as frustration and neurosis.

Data shows rivers and creeks having their water flowing backwards. This would cause creeks to foam. Springs and wells will suddenly erupt. This is like a temporal marker a few days before the excessive flooding, as in the main event I assume. Something to look out for.

Springs are mentioned shooting out of the earth around the planet.

There is mention of a lot of the surface of areas in the northern hemisphere is swept away by heavy rain - all the debris being swept away and being replaced with mud. ‘Scrubbed away’

Cliff explains that it looks like the biggest cause of damage and disruption in Europe is from the rain. Lots of areas turn into marshlands. There is mention of coastal flooding and earthquakes as well for that area.

There is then mention of the Indian sub ocean plate rising up creating new lands, but in so doing, causing great tsunamis to the surrounding countries. This was mentioned earlier in 2012 and I haven't heard mention of the Indian plate since then in the webbot data so may be less likely to occur.

There is movement of large populations showing, simply out of the fear of becoming refugees from ongoing earth changes, specifically tsunamis. This means people are seeing or hearing of changes happening in other locations and are moving away from their homes to safety because of the belief of events happening in their area. This also goes towards the situation taking a longer period of time to occur for some locations around the world. Damage done to nuclear reactors around the world will also cause people move move to safer locations.

There will be a lot of noise from the earth, such as the booming sounds people have been hearing over the years up until now. Strange noises from nowhere. This in turn may cause people to panic.

There is information on many 'dead forests' from fire. As a result, major continental deforestation occurs.  New deserts are formed. The data uses the term 'leopard spots' as in how frequently the deserts start popping up.

Winds come up in the data frequently from extreme winds to an increase in sand storms. Long term data sets show that the extreme winds are going to be around long term, up to thirteen generations or 260 plus years. Wind will simply be a factor of life from this point on Clif High says. The data shows these extreme winds getting worse and worse to the point where they start to participate in the problems humans face such as fleeing coastal areas. These winds are natural the data shows but also being driven from energies from space.

As a result of the wind, the architecture of humans will have a new design over the next fifty years.

(((( added 3/26/2013 ))))

[Added 25 March, 2013 - Within the brackets, this information comes from the Immediacy Data Intelligence Reports which Clif is running each week that shows short term data. He talked about the following information below within the March 11 2013 E40 Wujo. The first paragraph comes from IDIR 14 March, 2013.

After may, before the 21st of June, the IDIR data is showing people gathering after an earth change event. Information also shows dead fish everywhere, and scales of fish on the windows for example.

Chesapeake Bay and the movement of water

A lot of information came up during the Wujo about events occurring based around Chesapeake Bay which directly relates to the Global Coastal Event, it seems. This is after the main GCE trigger event, not during it.

I am not going to go into detail as even though this is a free Wujo, I still have to be careful about the wording.

One of the important mentions in this Wujo of this event was that the data matches up with the Farsight Institute remote viewing studies and what they have seen by the 1st of June, 2013.

The information seems to be showing the areas of the greater Chesapeake Bay all the way back to blue ridges.

There is information showing of a couple trying to reunite at a predifined location set by the two of them. They go through a great lot of trouble trying to find each other again. The data shows water moving over the area and going back to the mountains. Words come up around marshland.

This is not the only location, similar descriptions are showing for other countries such as India, Turkey, Bangladesh, Africa (northern, mid), Indonesia. Philippines, lower South America at this point in time.

I have circled the mentioned locations. 

There are descriptions of the types of injuries which I won't go into as it's not nice. It's clear from the descriptions that the water damage is not from a displacement wave, but from a tsunami because of the height  The height seems to be the level a tsunami would be. For example, tall buildings are not covered in water, but they crumble from the force of a lower wave.

The information shows earthquakes have occurred in such areas as well.

Indian Ocean

The Indian ocean is specifically mentioned and the water moving up to five miles inland in some locations. So its clear that the events upcoming are not just related to the Pacific.

Mud and Walking

There is specific mention of mud in a lot of locations and people having a lot of trouble moving across the land as a result of it.

There is an actual mention of timing here, perhaps up to three weeks after the event, the mud situation is showing. But this could also mean the problem is there for three weeks leading up to that three week mark.

Data shows a lot of people having to walk places and a whole lot of other stuff based around this which I won't go into.


There is mention of a whole lot of rain coming to specific areas. For example, fish and fossils are showing up in mountain areas, which have come from the ocean possibly. Information shows on debris washing down to lower areas. This seems like a big problem for those at the bottom of these mountains/hills having to deal with the debris.

This rain is world wide, not just in one spot.

After the event

Up to a month after the initial event, the data is showing a lot of wind. Increase in lightning strikes. A lot of activity in the sky as in strange things being seen. The water is not as bad as it was during the time, so this is good to know that the heavy and constant rain does die down somewhat a month out.]

(((( end added ))))

Will there be Government help? 

Through the webbot data, and also the remote viewing experiments, there has never been any sign of Government showing up after the event.

Specifically, there is no aid from governments in USA, Australia or Canada. "Our data does not address china or Europe." Clif High has said.

"Africa is its own situation."

Remote Viewing Additional Information

Cliff was asked at one stage about his own remote viewing studies as he has performed two independent studies in addition to the work of Courtney Brown.

Clif High said he used himself and his wife as 'anchors' in the experiments. He said the validation studies he did had an advantage over Courtney Browns work because he knows all about himself and his wife. The information that was seen by the remote viewing was validated over time and was very accurate. Clif High said that he tried everything he could to stop specific events occurring in their lives which the remote viewers saw, and was unable to. One specific situation that came true, which was predicted was was that his Wife become very sick.

So he had information validated through these two remote viewing projects and then looked at the future. Their target was the end of May and before the first of June. He says a major earthquake has hit near their area which causes trees to fall over and this isolates them and communication is cut off for decades. Possibly fifty percent of the structures in Seattle will not survive he mentions. This causes an instant loss of electricity, as a result of whatever occurs then. There is no foreseeable return of the electricity.

Social order is very degraded by the end of May. A lot of robbery is going on in their area and anarchy near the end of May. All satellites are down, the internet is down. There is no gas/petrol or the expected services.

He says that people who are aware of what's going on get out of dodge and make a break for it with their go bags. He talks about indicators going on so people know it's time to leave the area. Indicators as in temporal markers. (So these people expect water to come afterwards). He says there is no sign of any Government after that stage.

From there the remote viewers involved see a very large amount of water in the Puget Sound area in America. (north west US) They see a permanent increase in the water level height around June/July/August. The water doesn't come in like a tsunami, but seems like the tide comes in and doesn't go out. The height of the water goes up 40-50 meters in height on a permanent basis.

A Russian remote viewing group recently saw that somewhere between Crimea(Ukraine) and Mongolia is going to get hit with rains that will wash away entire mountains and flatten regions that are hilly into a soggy inland sea. They know that by June the water has started to recede. So it's built up before that and then come down again. The Russian remote viewers see annual rainfall per hour in that area.

A recap on the Courtney Brown studies - Through eight geographical locations, by June the 1st 2013, on average at all these locations around the globe, they saw the following,

-What looked to be from an impact of large meteors which lead to tsunami’s and also volcanism events.
-Extensive and forceful flooding of coastal areas.
-Excessive solar radiation.
-Storms and other severe weather.
-Massive self-organised relocation from coastal areas (refugees)
-No functioning Governments (no rescues going on)
-Breakdown of the food supply systems
-No vehicular transport
-Extensive loss of buildings on the coasts

In one example, which was based on the site of the Opera House in Sydney Australia, there is something that produces a large wave of water which comes inland, and people leaving the city/coastal area.

Another example was in Mombasa, Kenya, very similar to Sydney, a massive tsunami is coming into the Mombasa area, pushing inland for some reason.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa was another location. A wave is seen coming to the base of the mountain. Kilimanjaro is a long way inland and is 20 thousand feet high.

Clif's "Tell it as it is"

This is a direct transcript that I wrote from Clif High really telling it as it is, from his perspective, roughly and abstractly, of how things will happen and how people will react. Note there is some strong language in here as he gets right to the point.

"When the earth changes occur, all the other people, all the couch potatoes will be thrown through their windows, picked up my the winds, moved 30 miles, have their clothes ripped off, standing in their underwear in a pile of mud with hundreds of thousands of individuals around them, cold, shivering, not knowing what to do in the middle of late spring. Horrific winds around them, the earth heaving all around, buildings collapsing, electrical arcs from the system as it breaks down, all communications gone, cars can't start, cell phone towers down, the roads gone so you couldn't drive 20 feet, natural gas lines have blown up, buildings are off their foundation, roads are twisted up, and all of this crap is happening.

And your standing there, as a sheeple, as a former couch potato watching whatever sports game or playing whatever death simulating video game they have given you for this week, sucking down all those nasty chemicals in the form of energy drinks, fizzy drinks and all that shit, and you have been blown 30 miles away from where you were. You won't even recognise the environment your in. What are you going to do?

The first thing your going to do is cry mumma, most likely and start wailing and wondering about your fate as this is a huge curse to you. Your just a sheeple and don't get it. So after that point when these earth changes have really initiated them selves and we're into this Global Coastal Event, however it's going to strike you, wherever you are, as it will be different in different places.

In some places you will just be washed over by a wave and drown. In other places you will get a huge ton of rain you won't be able to believe. You will think it's the 40 days and 40 nights of rain that will cause the Global Flood. It's not going to be quite that bad, but you will believe that at the time as it just won't let up and ever single minute of every single day for perhaps two or three days at the level of an annual amount of rain in your area arriving every hour. Floods and the top soil washing away, and winds and electrical disturbances and strange things ocuring in the sky.

We all will basically be scared shitless, Cliff High says.

At that point, when this thing slightly calms down a bit, we look around with all these sheeple standing around waling for their mummas, well muma in the form of Government ain't gonna be there. As these people would have gone into their hidy holes days in advance of this, if not a week or two, as there will be some precursors that will let them know.

When this occurs and all the sheeple are standing there in the mud, covered in dirt and the wind and rocks falling around them, with volcanoes going off if they are in their area, buildings exploding and bridges tumbling and stuff, and they cry out for mumma and goverment doesn't come. Who's going to be there? Who you gonna call?

Well, the only people who will be able to respond are those people who are now in that awakening process who are educating themselves. Who have hardened their bodies. Who have trained themselves. That know how to subsist on a lessor level of a diet and how to feed others off of that diet as well. How to teach others how to forage, how to instruct others who are in a chaotic frame of mind to organise them selves.

How to setup triage clinics to do first aid. How to find naturally occurring anti-biotics."


Cliff High has said the webbot data shows at least 1.6 billion souls will move on during the initial event. He predicts another third of the Worlds population to perish near that period of time because of the various conditions as a result of the Global Coastal Event. (The current World population is roughly 7 billion)

As of March, 2013, George Ure has been quoted as saying 1.2 Billion. I am yet to hear Clif change the number from 1.6. George is the co-creator of the Webbot and a close friend of Clif High's. However I don't think he actually has anything to do with it anymore.

Strange Government and Human actions

Cliff has said that he is aware of a lot of remote viewers who have worked on various projects around the world who are retiring to high up locations.

Clif High has mentioned a number of times now how the powers that be also know what is going on and are taking preparations to house them selves. In Russia they are digging big holes for people to hide in Cliff has said. (I assume he means underground bunkers here) Cliff High has mentioned the bunkers being built in America which are not large in size and not known by the public.

He has talked about the Chinese and their empty cities. All of these cities are inland high up and that there is a massive amount of rail structures built from the coasts to these cities and Clif High believes China is preparing for the Global Coastal Event. In the media China imported four times the amount of rice last year, in 2012, than in former years.

Cliff High has also discussed many times now about the famous seed vault in Norway which has now been officially sealed. Clif says, "why not keep collecting seeds. Why is it sealed up now?" The seed vault is designed to restart agriculture in case of a world wide global disaster. He mentions the doorway is six hundred feet up from sea level, but in order to get inside, there is a two hundred foot path going down to four hundred feet. At that level there are pillions designed to hold a floating dock. However, there is no water level there that exists today...

Clif High estimates that around 6% of the National domestic production of the United States over a 20 year period has gone just into cement in underground facilities that no American's can see or know the general existence of.

He says that some of the proof towards the Global Coastal Event is by looking at how powers at be are running society. He mentions how our debts are non sustainable long term, yet the powers that be don't care as they won't have to worry about it after the event. He says for years they have been operating under a fear mode. He mentions how the data coming up is fear based from them specifically and it's getting worse and worse he says because they are aware of it and they know it's close.

He also mentions that the military are preparing for the loss of cables (he doesn't specify where). (American Military I assume)

[Added 3 March 2013 (Clif's Wujo 27 Feb 2013) - Clif has heard rumours around odd activity in his area, with the powers that be. He has heard that the Government is planning on preparing for a significant Earthquake, possibly an 8.0 that effects bridges, over passes and buildings. Clif says the guys he talked to said that they went to a meeting which talked about 80% of the bridges, overpasses and buildings would be destroyed by this Earthquake.

This was a FEMA related meeting Clif High says. The time frame is most likely before the end of this year and more 'summer than not'. Clif then mentions a non-Government Organisation has got funding to study a continent wide natural disaster in North America and that they have got funding for it... ahead of it.

So they know that its coming and are going to study the after effects and its impacts. It's labled as an ecological study.]

The Future

Cliff expects 2021 to be the date that the Earths earth changes settle down and the Earth in general becomes stable once again.

Cliff High mentions how there is data showing that precious metals will be used in the future as trade after the Global Coastal Event and the data in the webbot has been showing this since 2003.

He mentions how the rebuild effort after this event for the World would be a century or longer. Meaning it will take humans that long to get back to something similar to how we are living now. He says the recovery time period may be up to forty years.

The satellite infrastructure is shown to be gone for up to twenty years.

Clif mentions that in his viewpoint, the Global Coastal Event is a good thing in the end, as it initiates the human renaissance 2.0. He has said a number of times now that when you get  knocked down in martial arts, you get back up again and likes to remind us about this.

From around April 2013, the flooding starts to grow and it is very ‘complex’. It has a scale of 19 months from that date, in relation to the intensity. The water component of the Global Coastal event is looking like a multi-year process.

When we rebuild, Cliff High says, we will be rebuilding in a cutting-edge fashion.

Cliff has mentioned Aliens a number of times. Data shows they appear and want to settle on the surface of the Earth at some stage ahead. "Colonies from space."

Animals are mentioned to be affected in a major way because of the magnetic pulsing from the sun. Lots of disorientation, and disruptions of migratory patterns. Herd animals are said to start developing a type of obsessive compulsive disorder which will confuse the farmers looking after them.The DNA of the animals will change over the next few decades and there will be mutations. (I think we already can see such issues with the Animals)


I have come to an end for this information. I hope this has proven helpful to you as I know how time can be precious to many of us, and we don't all have time to sift through multiple audio blogs, or written summaries such as on my site here, to get a better understanding of this event

If you are not aware, you can find all the Webbot material I have reported on through the link on the right side menu, 'Webbot - Clif High'. I am writing up summaries of the Immediacy Data Intelligence Reports as soon as they are released by Clif each week, if you want to keep following the latest news on this.  I also report on his Wujo's, interviews and any new data analysis reports he releases.

One side of this that I haven't covered in this entry is the spiritual aspect behind why this may come to pass. I will follow up with another post about this in the future that brings in a combination of information which I have already released through various blogs on my site here.

From looking at this event in this very practical way, it brings a lot of fear, worry and concern. But when you look at the spiritual nature and esoteric situation behind this, and other events in the future, you realise this is a very good thing for not only the Earth, but the people living on it. Once an understanding is made, if it's not already there, around life after death, and that we truly never die, events such as this don't seem to be that bad.
"The tragedy of death is unreal. Those who shudder at it are like an ignorant actor who dies of fright on the stage when nothing more is fired at him than a blank cartridge." -  Paramahansa Yogananda
I do not present this information to create fear, I do it to help people. Just like with everything in life, you take what resonates with you in that moment in time and you leave behind everything else.

If this resonates with you, then I suggest you look out beyond the practical and physicality of life and watch for messages from spirit. Whether that's from guides, loved ones passed over, or your higher self. They may want to help during the possible challenges up ahead and into the longer term future.

It is said from multiple unrelated sources that the barrier or veil between our reality here on Earth, the third dimension, and the spirit world is thinning. So we will most likely be noticing and having some very unusual occurrences and experiences up ahead. But this brings an opportunity our way. It allows us to communicate with the other side much more easily.

Pay extra attention to your dreams or the dreams of those people in your life. If you had a loved one pass on recently, or still feel a strong connection to someone who has passed, they may appear in a dream so pay extra attention to the story, scene or situation in that dream. You may also see scenes or events that don't make sense which may be premonitions about the future. You may get warnings, or you may get understandings and answers to questions or situations you are in.

The premise of the webbot is that everyone in the world is psychic. And this is true, we just don't all recognise or understand the ways in which we can be contacted or what certain things mean which relate to 'being psychic'.

It's not just through dreams that we can be contacted. You may have a song come into your head, just right out of the blue. This song may not be one you have heard recently and could also be a message coming to you. Look up the lyrics of the song and from there you will get a better understanding of what the message may be about.

Meditation can also bring you messages through scenes and images that come to you, or even words that pop into your head. If you do not regularly meditate, you could try guided meditation CD's which can guide you to a point of relaxation and into connection with your guides, your higher self or what your belief system leads you to. Being calm and collected during such a time as this would be very beneficial. 


Everyone, I have just done an update, 25 March, 2013. At this stage you may want to be aware of the information showing for early April as its not far away, specifically this,

"The plasma effects will trail behind some form of solar expulsion which may or may not be connected to a period of earthquakes in the middle of April. There is a lot of distortion, a lot of crustal shift indications, not in terms of the whole crust moving but in terms of cracks forming up and getting a level of visibility in the middle of April from the series of earthquakes, which Clif High talks about specifically in the above mentioned IDIR.

There is a cross connect in the webbot data between Earthquakes events coming up. Two sets of earthquake indicators with different date hooks on them. One is hooked to the 27th, 28th and 29th of February. There is another set that shows the middle of April, around 12th to 17th.

There is a cross connect over with encounters with nature and disruptions on a planetary level

There is a cross link here to solar activity from space during mid April. There is mention of atmosphere noise in the upper atmosphere. The disruption impacts communications and is a form of noise impacting the magnetosphere or upper ionosphere where radio communications down to the ground will be impacted.

It's an episode or instance, not an ongoing process at that stage. Maybe a week long. 20-30 small expulsions from the Sun during this period. It will be difficult for speaking on radio/TV. All forms of communications being disrupted. Satellites effected.

This expulsion appears to be the same time as that series or group of Earthquakes mid April. It probably won't be an individual one, but a group of Earthquakes. There seems to be a connection between the quakes and the solar activity. It may relate to the west coast of California. A disruptive level there but not devastating at this time."

It looks like the economy is going to crash soon in the US and a large asteroid is going to hit somewhere within the next 3 weeks or so .(roughly) (I haven't included the asteroid in this summary as it doesn't directly relate to the GCE)

** Don's Edit - 3/30/2013 **

See also - Day of the Global Coastal Event, the 10th of May 2013 - And GCE updates... 


  1. Amazing research! I've been following the Webbots for years, and this last series of predictions are by far the most frightening. I've been busy trying to find out what exactly could bring about the catastrophic events describe in the immediacy data reports. From the descriptions in the reports, it sounds as if Earth will be going into an intense plasma event! It would be worth the time to read the information in the link I will provide below, which details what one expert thinks happened to cause the end of the last Ice Age, a plasma bombardment of Earth! This would account for the volcanism, the deluge, as well as increased tectonic activity the bots are reporting. Could this be what we are facing within the next few weeks?

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