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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Updates to the Global Coastal Event - 30 April 2013

Updates to the Global Coastal Event - 30 April 2013 


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I wanted to just quickly mention a few bits and pieces in relation to the webbots Global Coastal Event prediction. There hasn't been much information released about the GCE since Clif High's E50 Wujo on the 20th of April, which you can find a summary of here, 'Clif's Wujo 20 April 2013 - E50 Global Coastal Event deterministic mode, data pressure, greater context, next temporal markers'

For those that are not aware, my detailed summary of the Global Coastal Event can be found here,

As of this moment in time, the date range of the 18th of May 2013, to the 20th of May 2013 seems to be the current time frame for the expected arrival of the Global Coastal Event. The latest information from the webbot, as of April the 20th, 2013, is that the major aspects surrounding the Global Coastal Event will occur over a seven day period.

This could mean that some smaller earth changes happen a few days before the 18th of May and then ramp up over the days following, to when the pacific plate movement / crack and pulsation within the Earth occurs. Or, it may all start around the 18th-20th of May and last for a week afterwards. When I say last, I only mean the major aspects of the initial event, as if this actually occurs, its said a series of earth changes will last at least a couple of years.

A few days back, Clif High posted a message on his IDIR May page, on Half Past Human. I quote,

"Note that we do NOT expect to receive any further global coastal event data ahead of the potential event. Just the nature of immediacy data. If we do find some data that is related, it will be pure happenstance, and, again, is not to be expected from these reports."

I know many of you out there are relying heavily on new information to come in from the webbot and the IDIRs to assist us all with our preps around the Global Coastal Event actually occurring. I suspect Clif High will still release a few more Wujo's dedicated to the Global Coastal Event, before the end of May, if the data shows within the IDIRs.

I think we all have a pretty good idea of what to expect now. My feeling is that we all just want to have validation that it keeps on showing within the IDIRs and the timing of when it may occur, of course. Clif High is basically saying that validation may not be that frequent, if there is any, as we head into the month of May. Don't be surprised if this is the case.

If you were wondering, there hasn't been any specific mention of the Global Coastal Event within the last two weeks of Immediacy Data Intelligence Reports. I am most likely not going to sign up for the IDIRs for the month of May and I will therefore be relying upon the free Wujo's. If you do listen to any of them in May, feel free to contact me if there is anything important that you think the readers out there should be made aware of.


I have been posting about dreams lately. David Wilcock had a dream premonition that could possibly have a time frame of the events to occur around the 19th of May. His interpretation didn't specifically say that devastation was going to occur. But I know David Wilcock tends to stay away from the doom and gloom side of things so his personal interpretation may be misguided.

You can find that entry here, 'Dreams of the Global Coastal Event'

George Ure posted an entry about the dreams of his blogs readers. One reader in particular discussed a dream from her five year old child which showed an earthquake event around the 18th of May, 2013.

That entry is here, ''A very major cluster of events is about to occur' - David Wilcock'

I have had readers contact me mentioning that they have had dreams that seem to point to that period in time as well.

As I have mentioned a couple of times now, I expect our dreams to show us a whole lot more as we get closer to the end of May.

Remote Viewing Validation Studies

Email correspondence was recently posted on the webbot forum between Clif High and a forum member. I will summarise it within this section.

Clif High has confirmed that multiple independent remote viewing validation studies, organised personally by Clif High, has had events come true in relation to the lead up to the Global Coastal Event. One of these remote viewing predictions related to the health issues with Clif High's wife.
This prediction came true. Another remote viewing prediction related to Clif High experiencing major back issues. He is currently going through back issues right now.

A question was asked around what these independent remote viewing studies actually validated. I quote Clif High as saying 'it validated the GCE in the same way a pulse validates a heartbeat.'. The focus of the studies were on his location in the Pacific North West. It showed that the events surrouding the GCE would have occurred a few days before the 25th of May, 2013. He mentions probably on or about the 20th of May, 2013.

The remote viewing studies showed a description of what would occur up there, so not through words, but through a visual representation. He specifically mentioned the study showed their situation before, during and after the events. He confirms that his own validation studies with the remote viewers only focused on his area in the Pacific North West of the United States.

What this means is that these remote viewers have successfully predicted a series of personal events relating to Clif High's life, specific to his location. The remaining predictions from these specific remote viewers relate to what was seen by them around the 20th of May, 2013, which is very similar to what the webbot has also seen ongoing, since 2003, and through recent IDIRs. The farsight climate change remote viewing study by Courtney Brown also matches up with all of this, and many other sources out there such as Jessica Caraiolo's fireworks effect / spirit ships / California earthquake predictions.

Well, that's probably about it for now with any new useful information in relation to the Global Coastal Event since the 20th of April, 2013. I do have a video I am going to post about within the next day or so which relates to a dream that a person named Michael Ellis had, which showed to him that an imminent disaster along the Pacific coast is about to occur. You can find the youtube for that here,, but I will be doing a summary of it when I get time to.

If you, the reader, can think of anything else that you can add to this at this time then feel free to comment.

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