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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Comet ISON WTF NASA? Will ISON hit Earth? And! NEW* HUBBLE data. ( part 19 )

Comet ISON WTF NASA? Will ISON hit Earth? And! NEW* HUBBLE data. ( part 19 )


Published on Jul 21, 2013 In part 19, Thanks to our friends, scientists and NASA people at the Hubble Hangout we've got some excellent new data. Well, new to me. And we ask the hot question of the Week... Will Comet c2012 s1 ISON hit Earth? The Hubble Telescope even made a video on it. Weird. I know. The Answer is Yes. No. & Maybe. We know Earth will at least collide with its left over debris tail, the bigger question is how big the biggest debris will be. We've got a Nostradamus tie in that I smoothly dropped on top like it was nothing and a lot of pure speculation as we are in the vanishing period as ISON hides behind the Sun. I might be biased, but to me this one was fun.

THOR of THORnews says THANK YOU, and stay cool party people!

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For those wanting death and destruction, disaster and catastrophe you're going to have to look to economics because the doom level on this is pretty low. I'll alert you if that changes. Peace!

Astronomy & Pseudo-Astronomy sure is fun! I even like a dash of Astrology, though not too much. It's much like pepper. NEVER apply too much. I'm description box rambling way too much waiting for this slow upload. Yeah. So where did Earth's Water come from, I'd like to know! Does anyone know? You can take some wild guesses. those are allowed here. yo.

Oh. Upload almost complete. My typing will end soon, I do believe.

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