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Friday, July 19, 2013

Comet ison's fragments will hit Earth:Observatory of Lisbon

Comet ison's fragments will hit Earth:Observatory of Lisbon


Posted Today, 09:27 PM
The observatory of Lisbon has leaked important information about comet ison.

They claim that fragments of Comet ison will hit earth in december, this based in emulations performed using supercomputer 'Tiger 2' and a propietary model.

They claim that the when the comet enter the atmosphere of the sun the ice will change state abruptely, turning into a propellant, changing the trajectory of the comet.

They claim that the fragments of the comet will spread in the shape of a cone with a base diameter of 300.000 kms , that is the distance of from the earth to the moon.

they claim that the comet after crossing the sun will be higly fragmented, fragments ranging from a football to the size of a ship.

they say that the propulsion of the ice will change the trajectory of the fragments, causing a shower of cometary fragments that will hit Earth in december.

Trajectory calculated by Nasa without considereng the rocket effect of ice

Comet ison requires only a change of 2 degrees to hit Earth

How can ice turn into rocket fuel?


They have leaked this in several forums, they also say that they will speak openly in about a month, after the comet passes a callibration point to verify their calculations.


Is important to note that the trajectory of ison is perpendicular to the plane of the planets, two planes intersecting perpendicularly.



They say that the path of the fragments is very similar to  the path of Coronal Mass ejection from the sun.


  1. You say your site is about spirituality, now that could be anything, but would you not agree that lying is a taboo in about any form of spirituality? So why post this? Why blatantly lie to people in order to scare them?

    1. You should study the scripture, this type of thing is prophecy

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. @Anonymous: On Sept. 23rd, you said this post was a "blatant lie in order to scare ppl". Well, it's now Dec. 1st. Ison has already completed it's journey thru the sun on Nov. 28th & it survived. So far, Ison has done EXACTLY as the proclaimed predictions in the Libson Observatory Report said that it would do. All the way down to changing it's shape to a cone.... It's a bit creepy that they were that precise, months before it ever happened! It MAY get even scarier. Even tho it is now breaking up, all of the debris is staying on course & is headed right at us...
      Link to Libson's predictions & what's still to come:

      Link to video showing how Ison reacted & changed shape exactly as predicted months ago:

  2. I am a part timer star watcher and i agree with your computations but what i see they are alot bigger and what is that planet looking thing off too the right of what they call comet ison

  3. In regards to what Anonymous Sept 23rd said; How could you call this a lie? Matthew 24 and Revelations 6 both describe a storm from space effecting the earth. This could very well be it.

  4. you cite prophecy as your reason for posting this. i would recommend that you remember what happened to prophets whose words did not come true. I believe the same book of scriptures speaks of them being stoned to death. If your prophecy doesnt come true, will you submit yourself to being stoned?

  5. Claims are far different than assumptions, opinions or beliefs. When Chicken Little believed the sky was falling, it was not really an acorn from the tree but was actually a disintegrating fragment of a comet passing by. The world is coming to an end and we should all prepare for it.

  6. The world is not coming to an end. Chicken little was wrong

    This comet has not behaved like any other comet so keep an eye on it.

  7. May I ask a question here? What is in motion usually stays in motion. Is it not possible that after Ison went around the Sun, what did survive was showing a bit of sign of jetting off both ends. This jetting could have caused it to break apart from by centrifugal force. Now we have large debris still moving in basically the same path Ison would have taken, except maybe a bit wider.
    Will these fragments continue to be blown by the solar winds toward Earth, our moon and Venus? Plus remember we still have the fragments that were stripped from Ison on the 19th by the X-flare. Those maybe a factor yet as well. Any opinions? Thanks and God Bless!!!

  8. I like Carlos Ferrada he puts my eyes in the sky !

  9. This article, written and posted months ago, has an eerie feel of accuracy.

    MANY sites are coming here and reading this article in last few days. Looks
    like the author of this piece was dead-on correct. Next thing to watch are
    what happens to the incoming ISON fragments.

  10. What happens if a football size piece hits compared to a ship size piece. What will happen if it hits land or ocean; any difference in the effect?

  11. @Ron Wilmot
    If it hits Ocean a massive plume of vapor will rise to the Ionisphere.
    it will spread out and cover great parts of the Earth depending size.
    If the size is as a Carrier we will have a nuclear winter. 6months to a year.
    if it hit ground we will have widespread devastation locally. but the dust will linger far longer than if it hit water.
    both are bad, but wish for ocean strike it clears up faster.

  12. Given the density of comets (0.6 g/cm^3), and the speed at which comet Ison's pieces are traveling (130,200 mph), If a ship sized piece were to hit earth the effects would be that of an asteroid a quarter of that size. Land or sea we would expect a dust cloud lasting for 4-6 mos. and blocking out nearly 30-60% of the sun's energy.

    As for the anonymous poster on Dec. 1st, centrifugal force wasn't the reason for the comet's break-up. It's break-up was the result of extreme heating of phase changing elements and chemicals expanding under the temperatures at the distance of roughly 800x10^3 miles from the sun's surface. This thermal expansive energy, coupled with tidal gravity forces of the sun doomed the comet to death, not it's rotation.

    Also the comet fragments will miss the earth. The projected path for Ison was accurate at the time of perihelion, and places the whole comet at 40x10^6 miles from earth when it passes us. This is close to half the distance from earth to the sun. The spread of the debris is a result of the tensor difference of the tidal forces clinging stronger to the fragments closer to the sun just after perihelion. This difference produces an angle of close to two degrees for the debris field, given the 2x10^30 kilogram solar mass.

    This angular projection for Ison's debris, will not change much for the same reason that all objects accelerate as result of gravity, at the same rate, regardless of size or density. the debris field won't get more than 5 million miles wide, before passing Earth orbit. Even if we deduct the entire 5x10^9 miles from the estimated 40x10^6 original distance of Ison's passing by Earth orbit, it still remains 35x10^6 miles away from earth.

    A more real threat is the debris field left over from the comet's inbound orbital path. There is a huge amount of debris from Ison's tail that the earth will come extremely close to. Nothing apocalyptic should come of this, but it should be a show in the night sky.

  13. Did anyone happen to notice that an object the size that they allege Ison to have originally been should have been virtually invisible next to an object as comparatively huge as the sun? There is no way that Ison was as small as we were told.

  14. BTW... Ison translated into Hebrew most closely means "calamity", "disaster". This minor coincidence of a comet that fragmented when it hit perihelion On Hanukkah and is no longer easily tracked but definitely heading in our direction.